How to block Discount Code Abuse

Having full control over discount codes and knowing how to block them when necessary is essential for any business, and it's easy to accomplish with CartBlock.
Written by Fabio Romanelli
Updated 1 month ago

Properly managing discount codes is crucial, and today we'll learn how to block specific codes that are active in our store using CartBlock.

This type of block helps prevent potential fraud or abuse of these codes.
For instance, let's say we have the discount code "LLCODE" active in our store, but we've noticed some unauthorized usage and want to limit or better control its use.

Here's how to create a rule that prevents customers from completing a transaction if the "LLCODE" is entered:

Start by clicking on "Create Validation".


Give a name to this blocking function (it’s important to be able to save the function)  and decide first What step will trigger this validation by a simple drop-down menu:

Then where to display the error message, and here too in the dropdown menu you can choose exactly where to show the error message.

and in the text window what message to show the customer.

It's crucial to be clear and polite in the error message, so the customer understands the reason for the error and can rectify their purchase.

In the "Choose Function Input" window, select "Advanced Input Shopify Plus" and and in the condition window click on "Add Condition".

Now, scroll down the list to find the function that best suits your needs.

For our example, we'll choose "Discount Codes".

Choose Partially Contain and enter the code or part of the code that interests us. In our case, we enter LL, which means that this rule will apply to all codes containing LL in part of their name.

Finally, choose the market on which to activate this rule or leave no country selected for the rule to apply to all markets.

And save.

Finally for all customer that are from the Country we choose the discount will be limitate as we want.

Remember those new functions are available only for Shopify Plus members and update your Cart Block app extension.

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