How to share logs with the support and dev team

In this tutorial, we will outline the step-by-step process for sharing logs with the support and development teams to help resolve any specific issues.
Written by Andrea Morone
Updated 2 weeks ago

During interactions with our team via chat or call, there may be instances where we need to review your logs to ensure the proper functioning of your script or rule. In such cases, you can easily follow these straightforward steps:


from your right side menu hit “Apps”, a popup menu will appear, go all the way down to “App and sales channel settings


On the new page click on the name of the app you want the logs to be shared with


Now go down to the bottom of the page and click the button “Share logs

And in the popup window click “Share logs

Your job is now complete, and it is up to us to locate, examine, and find the information we are seeking in the logs. Please remember that this process is manual, requiring some time to complete all these steps. Rest assured, we will return with the solution you require.
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