How to debug a rule customization

How to find the exact name of a payment method
Written by Andrea Morone
Updated 4 months ago

If the rule created with HidePay is not working, it might be helpful to enable DEBUG mode to understand what is not functioning correctly. Most likely, it is due to an incorrect payment method name entered.

Attention: Enabling DEBUG mode will generate false errors and the rule will continue to not work, but don't worry, your users will not be affected.

To enable DEBUG mode, open the rule you have configured and activate the SWITCH located at the bottom of the screen:

After enabling DEBUG mode, false errors will be generated that you will need to share with us. To find the errors, click on the "Payment customizations" link on the main HidePay page.

You will access the "Payment customizations" section and see the rule that generated the errors highlighted. Click on the "Customization failed" link and then on "Share error report with the developer".

At this point, we will receive the log of your errors and be able to assist you in getting the created rule to work.

Please remember to disable DEBUG mode after sharing the errors with us.

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