Preventing Fraud: How to Hide Cash on Delivery for Expensive Orders using HidePay on Shopify

Simple tutorial on how to hide Cash on Delivery with Hidepay when cart total is greater than certain value
Written by Fabio Romanelli
Updated 3 weeks ago

Ensure full control over costly orders and mitigate the risk of fraud by implementing a simple rule to manage Cash on Delivery, one of the riskiest payment methods available.

The first step is to click on "Create Customization" on the dashboard and select "Simple Customization." in the following window

As condition choose "Cart Total" and below in the next field you can decide to consider the cart total or the cart subtotal.

In the following window, select "Is Greater Than" or "Is Less Than" (these options can also be chosen to customize smaller orders).


In our case, select "Is Greater Than" and set the value to €4000.
Confirm the option to hide the payment method you are selecting, then activate the switch for Cash on Delivery.

Click "Save," and the rule will be immediately active.

By following these steps, you'll effectively control the visibility of Cash on Delivery for expensive orders, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions on your Shopify store.

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