Double conditions in a single rule with HideShip on Shopify

Unlocking Advanced Customization: Streamlining Shipping Rules with HideShip on Shopify
Written by Fabio Romanelli
Updated 4 months ago

Today, let's explore how to customize a rule in great detail using HideShip's advanced customization feature.

After clicking on advanced customization, we'll be presented with the screen to set the conditions you prefer for your rule, starting with the title that will be visible only to you and will help you identify the applied functions immediately.

In the next section, choose the correct function input you need for your customization. Every function input contains different accessible fields, so change it to find the correct cart fields needed for your customization.

Now, let's set the conditions we want our rule to take action on. In our example, we choose to use cart total, but within a price range of €10 to €1000 (the currency will be adjusted based on the store's country). Then, we add a second condition, Customer Country, where we specify that the customer's shipping country must be Italian. If necessary, you can add more conditions depending on the customization you want to apply to your Shopify store.

Finally, we choose which shipping methods we want to hide if the chosen conditions are met, and of course, you can always add new ones if needed.

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