How to debug Shipping Customizations in Shopify with HideShip

Learn how to effectively debug your HideShip rules to ensure smooth functionality and receive optimal assistance from Customer Support for your Shopify store.
Written by Fabio Romanelli
Updated 4 months ago

Debugging is a process used to simulate errors in the checkout, allowing you to test the functionality of the store. When shared with Customer Support, agents can review the code lines to identify any errors in the program or small details that need fixing to ensure the rules work correctly.

Here's a step-by-step guide to correctly perform a debugging procedure and share it with Customer Support to receive optimal assistance for any needs related to the app or your Shopify store:


1) Open the rule you created, activate the debug switch on the right, and save it.

2) Navigate to your checkout page and reload the page 4-5 times without placing an order.

3) Return to your rule in HideShip, and click on the "i" next to the debug button. "Share logs" will appear—click on it.

4) This will open a page displaying a list of rules. Scroll (if necessary) to find the rule with a yellow notice saying "Customization failed." Open it, and then click on "Share error report with the developer."

5) Now click on "Share."


If everything went smoothly, you will see a confirmation message at the bottom of your page.

Remember: Always TURN OFF the DEBUG switch to allow your rule to function correctly. Having the Debug option active prevents your rule from running. This action is primarily for assistance purposes.

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