How to show shipping rates only to B2B customers or Companies

In this tutorial, we'll see how offer specific shipping rates for those clients that are B2B customers or Companies in Shopify Checkout using HideShip.
Written by Fabio Romanelli
Updated 1 month ago

All customers are special, but some are more so, such as those who are companies. 
For this reason, you might want to offer a special service or perhaps provide free shipping for these types of customers, who may have a certain frequency of purchases at your store. Let's see how to set up a special shipping method specifically for this type of customer, which may encourage them to stay and potentially use your store more frequently.

Let's create this special condition quickly with HideShip:

Access HideShip Dashboard: Start by clicking "Create Customization" in the HideShip dashboard. In the popup window, select "Simple Customization".

In the condition field(1), choose “Customer Company” and we will see that we have 2 more fields to fill.

In the second fieldì(2) we have the option to choose the category and select between Customer, Customer’s company name or Company shipping name.

In our example, we choose the customer’s company name.
And in the third field (3) we will decide how the function will work if contains or not contains.

We choose not contain because we are going to hide for everyone who are not the company we want. 
Now we are going to add the special method that we created just for this company. 

For example “Special Ship for Business 1”

Now let’s hide and sort in the way we want to show for all our customer client that are not Business1.

It's that easy!
Repeat the same process for other B2b or Companies and of course you can combine multiple companies simply adding the name next to the other companies.

Once satisfied with your setting, click "Save".

The rule is now active, and for any order from customer different from the B2B or companies you decided, the shipping rates will be sorted according to your rule.

Adding New Methods: If you don't see a method in the list, you can always add it at the bottom and sort it accordingly using the same process.

With HideShip, create, managing and sorting special shipping rates in Shopify Checkout for B2B or Companies is effortless and efficient, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers.🛒✨

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