How to show specified shipping rates based on cart weight

In this tutorial, we'll see step by step how to hide or offer any shipping rate in Shopify Checkout based on a specific cart weight using HideShip.
Written by Fabio Romanelli
Updated 1 month ago

In this tutorial, we'll walk through how to hide or offer specific shipping rates in Shopify Checkout based on cart weight using HideShip. Optimizing shipment based on weight is crucial for many businesses, and HideShip makes it easy to manage shipping based on product weight, even for heavier items.

Let's get started with this simple and quick process:

Begin by accessing the HideShip Dashboard and clicking on "Create Customization". In the popup window, select "Simple Customization".

In the condition field, choose "Order Weight". Let's create a rule where if the weight is less than 5 Kg, the customer will qualify for free shipping. Select "is less than" in the second field, add the value (5), and choose the unit from the dropdown menu in our case Kilograms.

In the "Hide, Sort, or Rename Shipping Methods" section, you'll find a list of popular methods. Here, you can remove or hide any methods you don't want to offer and keep only the ones you prefer.
To hide a method, simply toggle the button on it’s right.

In our example, we'll leave only "Free Shipping" visible.

Once satisfied with your setting click "Save".

The rule is now active.

For any order with a weight less than 5kg during checkout, only the "Free Shipping" option will be available.

Adding New Methods: If you don't see a method in the list, you can always add it at the bottom and sort it accordingly using the same process.

With HideShip, managing and sorting shipping rates based on the weight in Shopify Checkout is effortless and efficient, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers.🛒✨

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