How to Sort Shipping Rates in Shopify Checkout

In this tutorial, we'll explore how easy it is to sort any shipping rate in Shopify Checkout using HideShip.
Written by Fabio Romanelli
Updated 1 month ago

Sorting the right methods and incentivising customers to purchase or favor particular shipping methods that work best for your business is a significant step in upgrading your store.

Let's dive into how simple and quick this process can be with HideShip:

Start by clicking "Create Customization" in the HideShip dashboard. In the popup window, select "Simple Customization".

In the condition field, choose the condition that best fits your needs. For example, let's sort for all customers who spend more than 99€. Select "Cart Total", then "Greater than", and set the value to 99€

Sort Shipping Methods: In the "Hide, Sort, or Rename Shipping Methods" section, you'll see the most popular methods listed. To sort, simply click and drag the six dots on the right of the shipping method you want to move, placing it in the desired position. 

It's that easy!
Repeat the same process for other methods if desired. Once satisfied with your sorting, click "Save".

The rule is now active, and for any order greater than 99€ on your store, the shipping rates will be sorted according to your rule.

Adding New Methods: If you don't see a method in the list, you can always add it at the bottom and sort it accordingly using the same process.

With HideShip, managing and sorting shipping rates in Shopify Checkout is effortless and efficient, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers.🛒✨

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