Shopify Market or Customer Country in Hideship for Shopify

Optimize Your Shipping Strategy: Shopify Market vs. Customer Country
Written by Fabio Romanelli
Updated 4 months ago

When it comes to optimizing your shipping strategy, choosing between "Shopify Market" and "Customer Country" in Hideship for Shopify is crucial.
Let's delve into which rule is best suited for your needs and when to apply it effectively.

"Customer Country" focuses on the address details provided by the customer. It requires all address fields to be filled for the rule to trigger successfully, including country, address, street, and phone number. This ensures compliance with privacy laws as personal IP data cannot be accessed to establishing the country of the current customer at the checkout.

On the other hand, "Shopify Market" operates based on the Market. 
Once the customer enters their country, the rule activates. This feature is particularly valuable for stores with customized offerings tailored to specific countries or Markets.

In summary, while "Customer Country" relies on complete address details, "Shopify Market" hide customization triggers based solely on the market, so the customization fire as soon as the country in the checkout is switched also if the shipping address is not yet filled, offering flexibility for various customization needs.

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