Understanding Simple vs. Advanced Customization in HideShip in Shopify

Discover how HideShip's simple and advanced customization options offer tailored solutions for Shopify users, catering to both beginners and experienced merchants in Shopify
Written by Fabio Romanelli
Updated 1 month ago

When it comes to customizing your HideShip experience, there are two main options: simple and advanced customization. Let's break down the differences:

Simple Customization:

  • With simple customization, you can create a customization using only one condition at time.

  • However, you'll need to balance this with Shopify's limitations, which allow only 5 active rules simultaneously.

  • This option is great for beginners or those looking for simple conditions to manage straight  to the point


Advanced Customization:

  • Advanced customization allows for personalized functions with specific names, making it easier to understand the target of the customization.

  • You also have a dedicated window to target functions more precisely, choosing between different function Inputs. Every function input contains a different set of accessible cart fields.

  • In the Condition paragraph, you can create complex rules customized to your needs, using many criteria at times.

  • This option is recommended for those who want to offer a more satisfying experience to their customers and simplify shipping management with just a few rules.

In summary, while simple customization is great for beginners, advanced customization offers more flexibility and control for a smoother experience. 

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