Create Order Volume Discounts

How to create order tiers discounts
Written by Andrea Morone
Updated 1 year ago

To create order volume discounts, click on "Create order goal discounts tiers" from the home screen of Multiscount:

or go to the Shopify admin discount page and click on "Create discount" and select "Order goal discount":

Then select if you want your discount to be an "automatic discount" (the discount is applied automatically) or a  "code discount" (the customer needs to insert the discount manually):

Attention: You can have a maximum of 5 automatic discounts simultaneously.

Configure the tiers and criteria of your discount by setting a minimum subtotal for each tier, the message shown to the customers when the discount is applied and the type of discount (percentage or fixed):

Finally, set the maximum number of times the discount can be used, determine if it can be used in conjunction with other discounts, and specify the period during which the discount will be available.

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